With the release of Transformers Dark of the Moon today, this presumably brings an end to Michael Bay’s involvement with the series. We’ve all heard this before especially after the release of Revenge of the Fallen at which time Michael Bay expressed a desire to step away from the franchise. Now that it is all said and done Mr. Bay could indeed come back to the franchise. As with the reboot of Spider-Man next year the in thing seems to be to reboot a movie series regardless of if it needs it or not, so we put together 5 things that could be changed by for the next installment of the Robots in Disguise.

Starscream-transformers-artwork1. Simplified Designs

While it is appreciated that the robots don’t look like they stepped out of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode or have the bright boxy look of the cartoons or the squatty look of the Dreamwave comics. The comics were always a bit inconsistent at best in how these characters were presented.  We do believe that some of the designs could be simplified, plus I am sure it would make Hasbro happy as they would be able to make simpler toys to go along with the movies.




Megatron-in-Transformers-Dark-of-the-Moon2. Megatron is a Badass

Megatron works for no one. He is his own master and has his own motivations. He was built up in the first movie as the ultimate badass but in ROTF and DOTM he works for others. This is not who Megatron is or ever was. This is the same character who attempted time and time again to betray Unicron a planet sized Transformer with nearly the  power of  a god.




Sentinel-Prime-in-Transformers-Dark-of-the-Moon3. Get the Mythology Straight From the Beginning

It is understandable that some liberties can be taken when the Transformers first arrive on Earth, but don’t retcon situations in which undermine the basic premise of the movie, that these are aliens the humans are meeting for the first time. It is possible that other Transformers could have visited Earth in the past but what would these bots turn into in pre-history Africa that would allow them to move undetected amongst the human populace?




Crankcase-Transformers-Dark-of-the-Moon4. Character Development For The Robots

These characters can be so much more. They can grow and change and learn from their experiences in a meaningful way, not just come to the conclusion that killing all their opposite number maybe a path the Decepticons can take but the Autobots shouldn’t. Don’t introduce throw away characters who are only there to get blown away or simply forgotten, examples Jazz, Arcee and Jolt. Let them grow and learn and change.




Optimus Prime original movie concept art5. Optimus Prime’s Faceplate

While Optimus having lips was justified for the movies as the difference between battle mode and non-battle mode. The distinction goes all the way back to Beast Wars when Optimus Primal had lips and a faceplate that would close when in battle mode. This is fine for Optimus Primal but how many hours of rendering could have been saved by simply having Optimus have a faceplate. Also Peter Cullen’s performance as Optimus was never hampered by the character having a no lips.

Admittedly these changes may seem nitpicky especially number 5, but if Michael Bay is truly done with the franchise then why not start fresh. Let’s face it we all know there is going to be another Transformers movie it is only a matter of time. For those diehard fans of this incarnation of the Robots in Disguise you can purchase Transformers: Dark of the Moon today. For those eager to see a new adventure, a fresh start for the series might just be what