Happy Presidents Day to all those in America who get the day off. Nothing says presidential like a taking a holiday. While you’re enjoying your President’s Day, here are the top 5 comic book presidents from across the comic book landscape. Please be warned there will be minor spoilers for how some of these characters  turn out.

Pete_Ross_1Pete Ross

Pete Ross grew up as the childhood friend of Clark Kent and Lana Lang in Smallville. Pete and Lana eventually married, and with their union resulted in a son named Clark Ross. Named in honor of their mutual friend Clark Kent. Sadly, Pete and Lana are currently divorced. Pete Ross served as Vice-President and briefly as president following the impeachment of another character on our list. Pete’s time in the White House was all too brief as he quickly resigned ending his time as President before it really got under way.

Nighthawk_II_001Kyle Richmond

As if being the Marvel Comics version of Batman was not enough, add President of the United States to Kyle Richmond’s resume. Kyle was the resident tactician of the Squadron Supreme(the Marvel Comics’ version of DC Comics’ Justice League). Kyle retired from being a superhero to run for office in an attempt to make amends for the damage done by the Serpent Cartel(think Serpent Society, but without any of the history). During his time as President, he fell under the thrall of the Overmind. His Presidency ended when he was forced to turn against Superman and  Hyperion. This was after Superman decided to take over the world in order to make it more stable.

ultmts2011016int-4-copyjpg-44146c_800wSteve Rogers

Marvel’s now defunct Ultimate line of comics saw not only an updating of the Marvel characters, but also saw many of them take directions their counterparts in the main Marvel Universe would never take. After the near total collapse of the United States, Steve Rogers was elected President. He presided over his country during a Second Civil War, which saw the country split up as factions of a homegrown terrorist group called Hydra sought to tear the country apart. Sadly, his time as President ended when he piloted a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier into the face of the main Marvel Universe’s Galactus. He did not survive the fall.

AC_Cv9Calvin Ellis

The Superman from another dimension, who used Brainiac as his personal computer system, and whom would stand in while he operated as Superman. He last appeared as a part of the team fighting the Gentry in DC Comics’ Multiversity.







832868-lex_luthorLex Luthor

Superman’s number one foe decided to turn politics in the early 21st century. As one can imagine, the result of having an incorrigible villain in the White House would have repercussions for years to come (or at least for a few issues for our DC Heroes). From being the cause of No Man’s Land due to an attempt to forge documents in an elaborate land grab scheme, to positioning himself and his company as the chief reason Gotham City had to be rebuilt in six month’s time, his first few years in office were pretty busy. They also included framing Bruce Wayne for murder; not warning Earth’s heroes of an impending alien invasion by Imperiex which resulted in the total destruction of Topeka, Kansas; and the hunting of Superman and Batman as enemies of the state after ingesting massive amounts of the drug Venom. Otherwise, his later days in office were equally, if not more so, busy. During the fight with Superman and Batman Lex Luthor admitted to trading Doomsday’s body to Darkseid for advanced weapons. This confession all, but sealed his fate as President and he was forced to go into hiding after his company was bought by Wayne Enterprises, rendering him bankrupt. He was succeed by Pete Ross.
There you have it, just a few of our favorite characters and their time as President. Who will be next to assume the mantle of President of the United States? Well, it could be another super villain, but let’s hope it’s a superhero.