157152_659709_4A new era begins for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn with a new creative team and the return of an old character in February’s Spawn: Resurrection #1 (DEC140602)!

Al Simmons, the Spawn introduced by McFarlane in 1992’s Spawn #1, is back — and wherever he has been, whatever he has done he changed him, made him smarter, faster, stronger. New York City’s criminal underworld has seen a lot, but it hasn’t seen anything like the returned Al Simmons. And just beyond the crime infested streets, there’s something darker lurking in the shadows, something beyond the usual good-versus-evil battle, something that will challenge Simmons as he has never been challenged before!

Brian Wood, the acclaimed writer of The Massiveand Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics, takes the reins of McFarlane’s signature character, and joined by artist Jonboy, Spawn: Resurrection #1 offers new readers a jumping-on point and launches a new direction for the character that will continue into March’s Spawn #251!