Football isn’t the only thing getting off to big start this September. The comic book industry is having its own season opener so to speak this September with major relaunches, new titles and high profile creators all making a big play to keep up interest in the comic book industry. Taking a look at the major players and what plays they are making for your attention and ultimately dollars it would seem at least for this fan that this could be one of the most important months in recent comics history. Let’s start with looking at least a few of the major players and what plays they are calling to drive the sales of comics in the shops and digitally this September.

Justice League issue 1 cover by Jim-LeeDC Entertainment “The New 52”

There isn’t a bigger play being made right now than what DC comics  DC Entertainment is doing. With a stable of some of the most iconic and recognizable superheroes in all of pop culture, the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern and many others are the very templates for which many other superheroes are based on. Along with these comic book and pop culture icons DC has an all star stable of talent leading the way in the new 52, with fan favorites like Geoff Johns, and Jim Lee being the main architects behind this relaunch. All signs point to a very big September DC Entertainment.

Ultimate Comics SpiderMan 1 Miles VariantMarvel Entertainment “Ultimate Comics Spider Man”

The House of Ideas continues to be a major force in comics with many of its characters making the successful leap from the pages to the big screen this past summer with Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, earning over $700 Million dollars combined. The much anticipated relaunch of the Spider Man movie franchise coming next year, now would seem to be the perfect time to shake up the Spider Man comics franchise. Much like “One More Day” and “Brand New Day” this latest shake up promises to alter the world of Spider Man but unlike those other big events, this shake up doesn’t take place in the main Marvel universe and it doesn’t involve Peter Parker. Miles Morales the new kid on the block will be wearing the Spider Man costume this time around.

Frank Miller's Holy Terror
Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror”

Announced at  by Frank Miller at WonderCon 2006 as a Batman project in which Batman fights Al-Qaeda, to say that this project has the potential to be a lightening rod is an understatement. The project now called Holy Terror featuring a new character created by Miller called the Fixer is scheduled to be released on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We’ve only seen glimpses of the artwork in the online trailer and visually it seems to fit with the style Frank Miller employed on the Dark Knight Returns and the Dark Knight Strikes Again.

The Infinite Lenil Yu Variant Cover
Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman’s “The Infinite”

The Infinite had a very high profile launch in August with with a sold out first issue , its little wonder that the second issues promises to build on the momentum. One of the most anticipated comics of the summer time traveling tale by the creator of “The Walking DeadRobert Kirkman and arguably one of the most well known and influential comic creators of the last 20 years Rob Liefeld kicks into high gear with the second issue. This series plays to the strengths of both creators and is looking like an all around smash hit.

With all of the great and exciting events happening in comics in September its shaping up to be a fascinating end of the year for the comics industry in general. In a year when many of the top movies at the box office have their roots firmly planted in the world of comics lets hope that all that positive buzz at the box office translates into more readers for not just these titles and events but for comics in general.