Samurai's BloodWith the release of Samurai’s Blood #4 this week we sat down for a brief interview with series writer/co-creator  Owen Wiseman. Owen was gracious enough to give some insight on the inspirations for the series, the characters, and what fans can expect from future issues. He was also gracious enough to give a peak at a prose tale that spins out of Samurai’s Blood world.

1. Can you give a bit of background on the series and what inspired you to write this particular series?

I’ve been studying Samurai/Ninja, and Japanese history more generally, since 7th grade. Pre-modern history has always fascinated me, and I love trying to put myself into the heads of the people from way back then. The Edo period in particular fascinates me, as it was a time of incredible transition within Japan. A couple of years ago, Mike Benaroya, my creative partner and the founder/CEO of Benaroya Publishing, came to me with the basic outline of this story and the three main characters, and as soon as he started talking it was like a flower blooming in my mind. I knew then that this was the story that I had wanted to write for a long time.

 2. The main characters,  Katashi, Jun, and Mayuko can you give a little information about these characters for those who may not have ever read this series before?

These are three teenagers from the same tiny mountain village, in the far North of Japan. Jun and Mayuko are members of the Sanjo Clan, which is the ruling family in the province. Katashi is the son of the town blacksmith. When the Sanjo Clan is destroyed in issue #1, these three are the last three left to seek vengeance and the reestablishment of their clan. At a deeper level, these three characters are manifestations of different aspects of the Samurai ideal. They are vessels for me as a writer to explore the philosophy of Honor, of Bushido, and to explore the conflicts inherent in this worldview.

 3.  In addition to the three main characters you’ve introduced to the mysterious man who offered to train Katashi will we find out more about him in upcoming issues?

Definitely. His name is Horitomo, and I can’t say more than that except Read And Find Out!

  4. Will we get more background on the villain of the piece Gakushi and his motivations for wiping out the Sanjo Clan? Clearly he wants power but it seems that there is more to his actions that what is seen on the surface.

This series will focus primarily on the heroes, the three kids and their struggle. Gakushi is a character I’ve developed pretty thoroughly, but he’s definitely a foil for the main three. I try to keep the story-telling and the plotting pretty tight, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time within the comic itself developing that character, outside of his interactions with our protagonists. The same is true for Araku, Gakushi’s second-in-command and the other main villain. However, I am writing a series of short stories that will flesh out the world and the bad guys quite a bit more. The first has already been posted on our web site, and can be viewed here:

  4. Can you give us a teaser for what fans can expect from upcoming issues?

Well, the 4th issue has just come out, and I’m not going to spoiler it, but there’s a pretty major twist at the end that will throw the series in a different direction. Certainly we’re going to see a major confrontation with Gakushi and Araku, but the form and arrangement of it may surprise some people. Beyond that, I’ve got big plans for this story and this world, so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to write more. Fans can ensure that outcome by voting with their wallets! Go to to catch up on the old issues, and go to your local shop to pick up the 4th issue today!


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Tensions rise as Katashi’s impatience and lack of foresight create greater obstacles for freeing Mayuko. But when the proud samurai Tokugawa Daigan desires a battle with Katashi in the arena, Jun makes a decision that puts both Katashi and Mayuko at risk.