These four music videos make you kinda scratch your head as you can see the thought behind them. Take a big movie and pair it with the hottest artist of the time and it should be an instant hit right? Wrong. These videos represent how sometimes even the best of pairs just don’t seem to work out.

Gotham City

This song by R. Kelly makes this list because the song talks about a city of peace, a city of love and these are things that Gotham City is clearly not.

Straight To My Feet

This was supposed to be a G.I. Joe live action movie before it became a Street Fighter movie. Sadly I guess we’ll never get to see the dance off between MC Hammer and Snake Eyes.


While Prince or his Royal Purple Badness as he was known at one point is clearly a superstar and musical talent with few peers, this just seems wrong. This just seems odd, it’s almost like this song was intended to be just dance music and got somehow co-opted into a song about Batman and his latest dance craze.

Come With Me

Sean John, P-Diddy, Puff or whatever you want to call him, he clearly makes some good music and this would’ve been a cool song, after all it got the blessings of Jimmy Page. Someone should tell me why this video shows about as much of Godzilla as that movie of the time did.


If you know of any other songs please let us know as we were just too sad by the end of this to continue.