Who makes up the suicide squad

About a dozen new trailers recently came out, and now it’s time to talk about Disney/Warner Bros/Marvel/DC/Entertainment Illuminate latest movie coming out in August. “Guardians of the Suicide Squad: Dawn of Civil War” is expected to be a smash hit, with Jared Leto reprising his role as Mark David Chapman while wearing the makeup from Dallas Buyers club. It’s incredible to see actors with such dedication to their respected roles.

Remember, he's damaged.

Remember, he’s damaged.

But in all seriousness, it is nice to see movies are becoming fun to watch again. Suicide Squad’s latest trailer has a very exciting and erratic feel to it. The team behind the latest D.C. movie seems to have a solid understanding of what the Squad is about: bad guys doing the good guys work their way. There are some familiar faces, but some new ones too. Let’s break down each character.

The Team

Rick Flag

He’s that guy who had to come to the party because his mom told him it would be “nice if he got out more”. His mom is of course is Amanda Waller. And getting out more means balancing on the edge between life and death with a bunch of psychopaths. He is a super spy for the U.S. government, was captured, and tortured while on duty. In the process, he nearly died in order keep government secrets from getting into the wrong hands. This proves he is absolutely loyal to Waller, making him an easy choice to reel in everyone on the super secret squad that Waller formed.

Expert at demolitions, armed and unarmed combat, as well as being uber patriotic, he is the exact opposite of all the members of the newly formed team. Also he really hates working with them. He almost set off the explosives lodged in each of their heads several times within the series. It might be because they aren’t patriotic enough.

"I just want to go home and watch Netflix"

“I just want to go home and watch Netflix”

Harley Quinn

The infamous psychotic girlfriend of the Joker, and a major central character within several comic arcs. She becomes obsessed with the Joker after being his psychiatric in Arkham Asylum, eventually becoming his girlfriend. Joker and Harley have one thing in common: they are obsessed about the Joker. So after abandoning Harley to be captured by Batman, she promptly dumps HIM (and totally not the other way around) to take on a more anti-hero persona. Joining the squad, when she hears about the Joker still being alive (after it was believed he died), she more than willing to put an end to his life (again). It isn’t hard to imagine she will be playing a big role in the upcoming film.

Mr. J’s actually crazy girlfriend.


The Man Who Never Misses. Floyd Lawton is a hitman, and recurring adversary to Batman. He’s got some pretty sweet wrist mounted guns, as well as an affinity to shoot things in the head. He started as a low level criminal quickly rising to become Gotham’s best assassin (only second to Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson). He soon discovers he has a daughter, and decides to use his skills to send money to her and her mother. He’s a professional, and the unspoken head of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot is a man with a code and a desire to die.

The fresh Prince gets Jiggy Wit It.

The fresh Prince gets Jiggy Wit It.


June Moon was a teenage girl who visited Terror Castle. After finding a secret passage, she was soon possessed by a demon named Dzamor. His possession changed her into a powerful black-haired witch. This female version of Captain Marvel simply needs to mutter the word “Enchantress”, enabling her to toggle between June Moon and the Enchantress. June is constantly trying to expel this newly inhabitied demon, and when she is jailed, Amanda Waller promises her a way to exorcise her Enchantress persona. She’s got magic, but without the wizarding wand. It’ll be interesting to see how DC deals with magic.

Harry Potter Reject

Deatheater Reject.

Captain Boomerang

George “Digger” Harkness was an Australian boomerang artist as a kid. That should explain why people often berated him. He finally grew tired of this harassment, and became a Flash “super-villain”. Eventually, he’s thrown into jail. Amanda Waller approaches him to offering to pardon all his crimes if he joins the squad. He agrees, and becomes the most ineffective member of the team. He’s a drunkard, racist, and coward, often leaving his teammates to fend for themselves. That being said, he is effective at playing undercover roles, and hold is own in a fight. Expect him to be the comedy relief in the film.



Killer Croc

Waylon Jones is a recurring Batman villain with a desire to dominate Gotham’s underworld. Killer Croc was born with an regressive form of atavism, which is why he appears more reptilian in nature. He has a crocodile-like face, super-strength, super-endurance, and regenerative healing factor. This is the first time he will be on the squad. Can’t wait to see him and King Shark’s bromance.

Crocodile Dundie's arch-nemisis

Crocodile Dundie’s arch-nemisis

El Diablo

Chato Santana is shot by the police after his gang was busted. While in the hospital, he meets the original “El Diablo” Lazarus Lane who is in a coma. Lane transfers the minor demon of wrath that possesses him to Chato. After gaining the ability of pyrokinesis, he goes to collect money from local gangs that owe him. When they refuse, he burns down the building which kills everyone inside. Without realizing it was too late, he had killed the young-lings and their mothers. He is arrested and put on Death Row, but Amanda Waller captures him. He sees this as an opportunity to redeem his past actions.

Prepare for several heat puns.

Prepare for several heat puns.


Tatsu Yamashiro was an average Japanese girl caught between two brothers’ affection for her – Maseo and Takeo Yamashiro. As Arrow fans already know, she chooses Maseo. What they don’t know is Takeo was not pleased and bringing two ancient swords, demanded Maseo to duel for Tatsu. Takeo kills Maseo with an ancient blade called “Soultaker”, which absorbs the souls of those the blade slays.  Tatsu witness Maseo’s death and manages to disarm Takeo. Maseo speaks to her throught the sword informing her that their child was also killed by Tatsu. She escapes and vows to release the souls within her blade, and garner her revenge.

Katana is a skilled martial artist and sword-smith. Her sword is also able to communicate with the people she kills the blade with. Basically, she’s an edgier Ghost Whisperer. The movie will need to explain why she’s on the Suicide squad, but otherwise, the character seems to remain intact overall.

Soulblade won me over already.

Soulblade won me over already.


Before I forget, Christopher Weiss is a chemical engineer who develops a formula for creating super durable ropes. He is a recurring Firestorm villain, and really likes ropes. There is no Duality found here. Like the others, he’s a psychosocial braggart, who hates losing. He, like many others on the team, join in order to reduce his prison sentence. Did I mention he really likes ropes?

[Insert Slipknot band references]

[Insert Slipknot band references]

Wrap Up

I hope this very short guide provides a good snapshot of each character when watching the new film. Expect Deadshot to no-scope-head-shot everything, Captain Boomerang being a super-Aussie, and Harley Quinn to be…well insane. Yes, there are some characters that were not mentioned here especially the people pulling the strings. Don’t worry, we’ll be back on Amanda Waller’s orders.