Over the last few weeks, the stars of this comic, Batman and Superman have been the hottest topic on the comics news internet and indeed in mainstream media. There is nothing more that needs or can be said that hasn’t already been said about the first big screen meeting / live action meeting of these two icons. That being said if you are a fan of these characters but didn’t enjoy that experience this could be the perfect antithetical rebuttal to what was seen on the big screen. To be fair the versions of Batman and Superman seen here are well past their first meeting which surprisingly went very similar to their first meeting Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice. Let’s dive in and see what a meeting between a Superman and a Batman who know each other is like.

In the latest issue of Batman / Superman, issue 31 we find Superman doing a bit of housekeeping as he continues his tour of his world. Currently he is now in Gotham looking for Batman. Superman is not seeking Batman simply to hang out and fight some crime, no this visit has a purpose. That purpose of Superman’s visit is to explain to his friend that he is in fact dying. Yes this Superman of the new 52 has been through so many changes, from becoming Doomsday, to losing his power to regaining them via Kryptonite and along the way gaining a new power, the solar flare. All that being said this Superman is dying and there is nothing that can be done about it.Superman has resigned himself to this fate and has accepted it.He has not come to Batman for help to fight this but simply to inform. Batman on the other hand has a serious problem accepting this. Batman rightfully points out that he has beaten death for one of his family and what is not being said is that he has recently come back from the dead himself.Superman assures Batman that he is  not worried so much about his survival but that he is in fact worried about the world being okay after he has passed on. Superman has however come to the world’s greatest detective to help him solve one last mystery and as the closing page indicates this is a matter of utmost importance to Superman.

The writer of this issue Peter J. Tomasi has crafted a well balanced story that covers a lot of ground and perfectly captures a very well earned friendship between two strong willed individuals. Doug Mahnke’s art is striking detailed and dynamic, delivering the highs of great action pieces in addition to creating smaller intimate moments that stick with the reader.

With the DC Rebirth event starting in April this issue very much felt like the end of an era. The new 52 debuted with much promise and in some ways it lived up to it and others it did not. This begins the closing chapter of a Superman who was changed greatly by the New 52 and survived because at his core he is still a strong character.