Batman has been pushed to his limits time and time again, in this latest issue of the Dark Knight III The Master Race, the grim detective is once again pushed to his limits. After making an impassioned plea, as much of a plea as you will get from a grim and gritty Batman, to Superman to come back to the world will the Dark Knight’s patience be tested as he is forced to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Showing up just in the nick of time to face off against the rogue Kryptonians from the bottle city of Kandor Superman seemed prepared to lay the smack down on them, but before he could his daughter showed up. This no doubt threw the Man of Steel for a loop as we open up this issue he is sent reeling both emotionally and literally. Laura his daughter opens up on her father and the remaining Kandorians watch. Superman refuses to fight back and all of his sins, at least from the perspective of the Kandorians are laid bare. He was touted as a hero while not being able to return them to full size. This combined with an intense amount of disdain for Superman seems to have driven the Kandorians mad. This story has parallels to the Zod vs Jor El confrontation from the Man of Steel as one side sees the glory of Krypton in being the rulers of the Earth, while obviously Superman does not. Superman’s eventual defeat comes just steps away from the Fortress of Solitude as he blasted with heat vision more than 20 Kandorians as well as his daughter.

With Superman out of the way all attention is now focused on the Caped Crusader. While Batman makes preparations he send Carrie Kelly on a very important mission with special gift from Bruce. This is all playing out as the heroes appear to be coming together. The Flash’s legs appear to be broken by someone, Wonder Woman is preparing to do something but it’s not really clear what that is and Batman makes his triumphant return. He meets with the Gotham City Police Commissioner Yindel and appears to have a plan, but that will have to wait until next issue. The issue closes similarly to how it opened with the Atom getting smaller and smaller and coming to a realization that he can fix this. However it is not clear if he is talking about the situation with the Kandorians or the continuing to shrink infinitely problem. Whatever it is he’d better do it quickly time is running out for both him and the Earth.

The backup tail that is customary in these books pays off the errand that Bruce has sent Carrie on. She has become the new Batgirl and is sent to seek out and meet Aquaman. She finds him and off they go until next month.

The art is solid in this issue as Andy Kubert continues to draw in a style that feels like Frank Miller but is not. He isn’t aping Miller’s style so much as channeling him. The coloring is appropriate and gives an apocalyptic feel to the overall book. Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello are telling a solid story. The inks by Klaus Janson are outstanding as always. The backup is drawn by Frank Miller and is the standout of this issue as you can not help but wonder if the book would be better served by letting Miller draw the bulk of the book.

Overall it is a solid but not spectacular issue as it still feels as if things are in the stages of being set up.