With technology being an ever present and sometimes dominating presence in our lives it is easy to imagine a world where we the good things our current technology can do could be turned into something sinister. If you are having a hard time imagining a world like this, then you are in luck, Rick Remender and Sean Murphy have imagined just such a world. This is the world of New Los Angeles the setting for the latest issue of Tokyo Ghost, the Image comics series is back after taking a bit of a hiatus but has the time off been good or bad. Let’s find out, shall we.

This comic opens with a pair of miscreants taking over the air waves and threatening to blow a group of executives and employees of the powers that be up unless their demands are met. What is that they want? Well transport to the brave new world of Japan a once tech free zone and paradise compared to the polluted, tech saturated world of New Los Angeles. Well the mayor Flak being the man that he is will do anything to defend his city and the land of Japan from the common dredges of society. The best man for this job is sent in, none other than the constable Led Dent, who when we last saw him was busy betraying his longtime girlfriend Debbie DeCay and helping Flak capture the island of Japan specifically the area of Tokyo. Dent makes quick work of the two “terrorist” and it is clear while he is good at his job he desperately needs Debbie to rein him in. This is evident in the amount of destruction and innocent lives which are lost in the process of Led’s pursuit and ultimate capture of the two. It comes as little surprise that the mayor wanted these two silenced as Tokyo has been transformed into a paradise for the 1% of the 1%ers. The plan is to leave the smog infested, tech heavy, decaying world of New Los Angeles for the new paradise in Tokyo. As the mayor’s plans are moving along he orders Led and other constables to guard a shipment at the port. This leads to a hilarious exchange between the two nameless constables as they point out that Led betrayed the only friend he had in the world, so how can their be hope in this world. Just as it appears that Led is about to go agro on these two, the lights drop and the Tokyo Ghost strikes. Will Led survive this assault, encounter with the ghost of Tokyo, we’ll have to come back next issue to find out.

Overall this was a great issue, Rick Remender’s writing is easy to get into and the story he is telling is both fresh and familiar. New readers can pick right up while readers of the first 5 issues will be pleased to see the return to the ruinous world of New Los Angeles.

Sean Murphy’s pencils are kinetic and sharp as he draws a world that has let go of all inhibitions, and turned its back on facing the real problems of the world by drowning themselves in a tech paradise of porn and violence.

Matt Hollingsworth’s colors are muted but never dull and give the art lived in look which fits this book perfectly. The lettering is always clear and flows seamlessly with the art. If you are not reading Tokyo Ghost you should be.