At the time of this article, the biggest movie to hit theaters has already made 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. The latest movie not only invigorated a franchise that needed a fresh take, but also brought speculations, rumors and fan theories as to where the series will be heading to next. I’m talking of course about Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip. Where could they go next? Las Vegas? The Moon? Will Jason Lee ever be able to escape the clutches of this major blockbuster? Does his family know he’s still alive?

Truly the face of a defeated man.

Truly the face of a defeated man.

Joking aside, the title says it all. Star Wars. You want to talk about it. We’ve been talking about it. Let’s do this, space cowboy.

What we’re going to do here is lay out some major plot points then dive deeper into possible directions the franchise could go. Remember, (pretty-much) everything is retconned at this point, so anything is game. Books, comics, even fanfictions, are game for “Disney-appropriation”. Here, we’re going to go through each character, some questions left unanswered, and some theories afterwards. So where do we start?

The Light Side


  1. Who is she waiting for on Jakku?
  2. Who are her parents?
  3. Why did she have full knowledge of how to run the Millennium Falcon?
  4. How did she garner a grasp of the force so quickly?
  5. Does she have any relation to Kylo Ren? If so, how?

Female Luke on Tatooine’s sister planet.


  1. Why did Kylo manage to pick him out in the initial opener?
  2. Where does he originally come from (he’s a reprogrammed storm-trooper)?
  3. Is he force-sensitive? Will he become a jedi?
  4. When will him and Poe get to bro-out again?


Poe Dameron

  1. How did he know how to fly a tie fighter so well if he never flew one before?
  2. Where was he when the tie fighter crashed?
  3. Could he be an agent of the First Order?
  4. Will he betray Finn?? :'(

Almost made the cut for “Top Gun 2”.


  1. Why is she back commanding the rebellion army? Didn’t the republic win?
  2. In the trailer (as well as Episode 6), Luke mentioned she had the force. Did she become a jedi?
  3. What caused Kylo to betray Han and Her?

Always the rebel, never just a princess.


  1. Why is he on a distant planet looking for old Jedi temples?
  2. Why did he leave?
  3. What happened to the rest of the new Jedi Academy?
  4. How does he relate to the rest of the characters?
  5. Why did he make it so hard to find him?
  6. Will we actually get to see his journey between Episode 6 and 7?

Looks like Luke is all grown up.

Maz Kanata

  1. What important role will she play in the coming movies?
  2. Why in the world didn’t they keep the original puppet idea instead of that bad CGI?

13 years a force monk.

Han & Chewie

  1. Is Han coming back? (Probably not…)
  2. How will Chewie cope with Han’s death?

We’re home.

C3PO, R2-D2, BB-8

  1. Why does C3PO have a red arm? What was the droid that gave it to him?
  2. How else will R2-D2 play a major role?

BB-8 is about a 8 out of 8.

The Dark Side

Kylo Ren

  1. Why did he turn on Luke?
  2. Why did he turn to the Dark side?
  3. How did he meet Snoke?

Likable Hayden Christensen Skywalker.

Captain Phasma

  1. Why is this character important?
  2. Did she survive?

Captain Cool’s single scene.


  1. Literally who?
  2. Where did he come from?
  3. What is his end goal?

Gollum’s triumphant return.


  1. Why the new storm trooper outfit?
  2. How will his character play out in the sequel?

General Ginger commanding his jolly jerries.

These are only a few of the questions that we were left wondering about at the end of the movie. But, let’s talk about what we REALLY care about. The theories and speculation. Here are just a few potential story lines the series could be moving towards:


Darth Rey, and the Knights of Ren

Without a doubt, Rey was extremely talented, and knowledgeable about pretty much everything. How could she wield the force so quickly? How is she such an adept fighter?

One of the initial theories coincides with all the unanswered questions about Rey. Being the daughter of a powerful Jedi lineage (probably the Skywalker’s), she was trained since a young age to be a Jedi knight. This included fighting, force wielding, and pilot training.

At some point, she discovered the dark side, turning against the Jedi belief. She quickly became strongest “Sith” within an organization called “The Knights of Ren” which was most likely was formed by Snoak or Kylo Ren. Seeing her turn to the dark side, her father/mother (most likely Luke/Leia) wiped her mind and implanted false memories in order to persuade her back to the Light. Remember how they highlighted force persuasion so much in this film? Poor Bond couldn’t even fight her mind games.

It looks like she is having too much fun.

It looks like she is having too much fun.

That would explain how she was so inept as a warrior, and how she picked up the force so quickly. There’s more evidence this maybe the case. Remember the interrogation scene with Kylo? She used anger to push him back with the force. Remember the ending movie light-saber battle? She is shown completely overpowering Kylo. The whole time she’s got a “pissed-off” looking face the whole fight.

This could also explain why Kylo betrayed Luke. Kylo could be her brother or like a brother. He’s going to take her side. He probably went rouge also when Luke wiped her memory. Renaming himself as “Kylo Ren” from “Ben Solo” could signify how attached he is to Ren. That could explain why it seemed he held back during the interrogation scene.

Even the promotional art has her caught between the "light side" and the "dark side".

Even the promotional art has her caught between the “light side” and the “dark side”.


Poe Dameron, Friend or Foe

There is also some speculation on Poe Dameron’s allegancies. Why did Kylo Ren keep him alive? Sure, Poe had information on the Resistance/Republic army, but Kylo could’ve easily killed him after extracting the information he was looking for. If Poe is infact part of the First Order, it could explain how he knew how to pilot a tie fighter so well for never having flown one before.


“Did I leave the oven on?”

He could possible be a sleeper agent. Hux does mention he prefers to use his “reprogrammed” human soldiers rather than clone troopers. Poe could’ve been captured and “reprogrammed”. It would also serve to justify how Poe and Finn easily escaped a fully armed Star Destroyer, and how he “suddenly” appeared at the rebel base after potentially dying.


Luke’s Regret, Old Cast Split

One potential add-on to the Knights of Ren theory is that Luke wiped out all the knights in an attempt to save his academy. The big problem, however, was many of the younger students followed the knights to the letter thinking they were following the ways of the force. This horrific act of slaughtering his own students could’ve left Luke disheartened.

His attempt to visit the old Jedi temples could be him trying to figure out how to re-establish the Jedi order to what it once was rather than recreating the disaster he had already caused once before. This could be Luke’s attempt to fight off against Snoke, who most likely had an influence on the Knights of Ren. Snoke’s power could also play a factor to Luke’s retreat to gain a stronger understanding of the force.


Snoke is Darth Plagueis, or Darth Plagueis’ Acolyte 

This is probable to most popular speculation and with good reason. The Supreme Leader Snoke could actually be Darth Plagueis himself. How you may ask? Didn’t Palpatine kill ? According to Episode 1, Darth Plagueis was the most powerful Sith ever. He was able to even “cheat death itself”. There’s even some speculation that HE CREATED ANAKIN SKYWALKER.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the darkest of them all?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the darkest of them all?

Some of the evidence points to his scarred face, which looks like it got seared off from a lightning strike. He also states that he’s seen empires rise and fall, indicating his long life. While we will have to wait for the next episode for this to get confirmed, this would be a nice nod to the prequels as they tend to receive a lot of criticism.

While Andy Serkis did shoot down the theory recently, citing this is a completely a new character, it’s also important to remember that Disney retconned alot of previous material. If Snoke isn’t Plagueis, he might be related to the master of the Dark side, and has similar powers to that of Plaguies.



We have only listed a few fun ideas that have been tossed around. As there are more speculations and theories, we will continue to talk about them. Until then, leave a comment on a theory you may have, or where you think the series should go.

~ Dante signing off.