157449_662009_3It is a post-apocalyptic scenario in the city of New Angeles. Those of you who remember a movie called Logan’s Run will want to pay attention. It seems we are back at a board meeting where discussing televised murder for profit is back on the table. “People love this stuff!” some argue. “Red always turn green” others will shout, joining the chorus.

It seems blood sport on TV is something that never gets old.

But in Suiciders #1 (DEC140404) from Lee Bermejo, the art of face-smashing and gut-busting is going to be made even more brutal than you will expect because it is not just hand-to-hand combat that the audience will cheers, but deadly technical obstacles that contestants must avoid in order to stay breathing. Not to worry, though. Unlike our aversion to athletes on performance-enhancing drugs today, the athletes of tomorrow embrace better training through chemistry. And they’re metabolisms are now that of an alkaline battery soaked in a solution of mixed energy drinks.

Feel the burn, baby. Embrace it!

And while you’re at it, watch out for the one guy called “The Saint.” He seems to be playing by his own rules in Suiciders. And that means the games may be over sooner than we expected!